About Est.Living

My Heaven is a home.

There is so much that goes in to a home and so much that you can tell about somebody from their house. Whilst trying to furnish my new home on the borders of South Wales, I struggled to find good quality items that were beautiful and unique. I started trawling fairs and markets, finding forgotten and unloved furniture. All it needed was a little tender love and care. 

Slowly this became an obsession, I would take great joy in fixing or repurposing something. It didn't take long until my house was full, my garage was full, my family was fed up!

That's how Est. Living came to be. I now get to share my love of found and fixed things. My collection of mid century modern furniture is complemented by vintage homewares and a few things I have crafted as well.  I hope to save and breath new life into forgotten furniture whilst bringing a little happiness to peoples homes along the way! 

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